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What car rental hot phenomenon

  in 02, personal car consumption since the opening of the market in the country, accompanied by a sustained decline in prices, cars of the luxury image now is eliminated. There is on the one hand, accompanied by a rise in oil prices, road congestion, lack of parking spaces and other negative news coverage, ideas are associated with buying rather than renting a car the cost of continuing improvement. And hire purchase, because you do not need to deal with insurance, you do not need maintenance every year, and cars with improper replacement of convenient advantages now being favored by more and more enterprises and individual users. Another hot
car rental market is the self of the entire industry's business model is sound.
and is now changed, and today's industrial progress has come of age. Removed outside the capital under the guidance of corporate mergers, the car manufacturer, 4S shops all across the constant influx of car rentals and the entire automotive industry association received a great deal of improvement.

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