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What about future developments in the car rental industry

  10 10 months earlier, car production and sales volume in the market have been completely above the 09 year, continued the momentum of rapid growth. And the entire auto industry expansion growth phase is set off, car rental market also ushered in the outbreak at the moment.
domestic car rental market in 07 with over more than 2000 rental business, but provide rental vehicles of less than 100,000. According to the figures, because the rapid growth of the auto market, as of 10 May, already has at least tens of thousands of car leasing companies in the country. Alone has more than 10,000 for rental cars, while in other places, provide rental vehicles beyond the local taxi number.
professional institutions predict that the now long distance rental, driving, self drive 3 major car rental business in China has a size of 7 billion yuan. For 15 years, car rental demand would hit more than 300,000 to 400,000 vehicles, their revenue is expected to exceed 18 billion yuan. Changes in the objective situation and share the consumption ideas, is a key factor in driving the car leasing market-oriented success.

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