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The gap between what the rental market at home and abroad have

  before we know the car rental industry, we used to worry that the industry will step into the car with China's society and die. Now about more than more than 4,000 car leasing business in China, the top car rental companies occupy a market share of less than 10%, low industrial concentration. But from the current situation, the value of goods is used instead, you acceptance of this concept is not as low as we can imagine, my present car rental industry with a similar United States top five car rental companies occupy the market 90% level up to now is only a matter of time.
professionals believe that now the car rental industry to advance economic environment, road conditions have been met, but domestic car rental market laws and regulations is not perfect, so cannot be regulated development. Car rentals have long been in a foreign country is a proven method of consumption, is a way of financing, the largest car rental companies in Western countries, there were financial companies behind.

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