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Vehicles leasing or renting of why the industry is so hot

  according to the industry, now on the market is still a business, agency leasing, individuals disperse market share rental than enterprise, agency leasing, but indelible growth trend. Market in particular has limited purchase, rent a room. We learned from the car rental market, is a large portion of the rental requirements of customers make alternate plans on one side rent vehicles to use the lottery, to overcome the present emergency issues. According to the results of the data analysis company, said domestic auto rental industry achieve an annual growth rate of more than 30%, and individual users are the most major powers.
based on the mature markets the experience of foreign countries, one of the largest car rental business idea was to emphasize the concept of car sharing, car rental customers is a practitioner of advanced concepts. We see that the lot rent over a period of time, completely eliminates the need to buy a car, they find every way better rental car benefits.

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