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How about bad policy situation of the car rental industry

  new tax benefits will no longer have to buy time, cover threshold of continuous improvement in energy efficiency, and the limited number of rumors in full swing, new car sales suffered the impact of the market is not really small, but at this point, car rental market is caught in the spring. According to relevant statistics show, this year's car rental market and inclusive growth, has limited market rent amount compared with last year have grown almost 50%. Rental industry before the ride
, silver, ten to the car market does not appear, in such circumstances, leasing industry at this time begin to exert. We learned from the car rental market, firms respond to market changes, various cities nationwide all 50 percent, good drive market development in the car rental industry in the off-season, traction of peak consumer car rental. As the car rental offers a wide range of cars and many other products at this time also ushered in the spring, and rapid development and growth.

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