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Why hybrid cars favored by the leasing industry

  using the hybrid son of steam will be cheaper than the previously used gasoline and diesel cars? That's right! Many brands senior car hybrid cars do just that.
a few days ago, the hybrid-powered car on the market, prices for 236,800. Although it was more expensive than previous versions of ten thousand or twenty thousand Yuan, but it is in full compliance with the ten-City users vehicles this project needs the final purchase price to save 20,000 yuan than the previous version. Due in accordance with the project requirements in the scope of public service when users purchase, access to 32,000 yuan of government financial subsidy.
professionals say that, compared with the previous diesel-steam, these hybrid cars have been acquired not only has advantages, in terms of fuel saving is unambiguous. Its engines 1.8 liters, fuel saving rate reached 20%, combined fuel consumption of only 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers.
to see this hybrid-powered car after many advantages, car rental companies and other service providers more favored this line almost snapped up hundreds of vehicles.

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