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Deficiencies which the current insurance for rental cars

  in recent years, car rental grew up fast in the country, as their competition is very fierce. In order to get to market, some companies also introduced below 100 will be able to rent a car deals of the day ad, which attracted the attention of many people. And leased the lowest price compared to its insurance is very expensive.
it is understood that, according to the different models of the car, now rented by the basic premium is 20 to 50 a day. However, the basic premiums plus deductibles insurance, it insurance is much more expensive than rent money. Sources and private insurance are not the same, their car is operating the car, auto insurance prices will be higher. Sales of these companies think about it there are a lot of different ways, some is that they only help you make some insurance, other business is to get bought, there's only a certain amount of basic insurance to buy, others were car owners to volunteer to buy.
basic insurance is not comprehensive, so car rental when you can choose to add some level of risk, the most important of which is not calculated do not need to lose taste for risk.

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