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Why are there more and more people are choosing someone else instead of driving

  since May, after a drunk driving as a criminal offence, many drivers have decided not to drive after drinking alcohol. Due to its influence, car chauffeur service usher in new opportunities. Reporters from the city's many driver's company, under the influence of this situation and ask for this service call becomes more and more.
, in interviews, many car owners to find someone else to drive is not very reassuring, but the drivers also feel very worried, they met after drinking wine became very stubborn guest, because drivers are not only paying attention to the road when driving, but also take care of the guests ' personal security and more dangerous than was hit and lost money.
now, each company's offer of this service are not the same, usually between 50 to 100. A company official said, and now, the industry has not been a Government-directed prices, mainly in accordance with the exercise to determine the distance. Though, here's the thing, but now the industry's form is very good, there are still many people would choose.

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