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Establishing information platform for car rentals and rent a car tracking system

  the car rental industry has developed a favorable external environment, such as good personal credit and social credit protection system by means of information technology and convenient, you can quickly assess the customer's personal credit. For China reality in the appeared of large car rental fraud, case, we also should intensified car rental platform information construction, established specifically of information database system, query confirmed customer of identity, and car rental risk, and reimbursement capacity,, real-time statistics customer in same time paragraph within rental of vehicles total, prevention fraud, will those has bad records of customer included blacklist and shared this class risk customer information. Establishment of unified information platform to achieve the crime database with public security departments personnel information, the person information inquiry, the national motor vehicle violation records such as docking. Of course, this should pay attention to the confidentiality of customer personal information in the process, severely restricts information disclosure necessary to Fan Tong, to avoid the disclosure of credit has nothing to do with the customer personal data, protection of customer privacy.


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