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How about car rental business is now

  according to the data provided by the car rental show, rent, Monday through Thursday, generally cheaper than Sunday's 20% to 30%, and be able to enjoy the benefit of half price and other activities. Friday to Sunday is the rental in the peak, if want to rent your favorite models, 3-4 days in advance reservation is needed, if this is the case of holidays that need half a month in advance.
now, the car rental industry chain enterprises across the country, large, in good standing, after continuing to provide value-added services, to develop their business. For example, alternate plan, national rescue car insurance offsite car to the door to pick GPS navigation service. Professionals, we offer our customers sum of 200,000 yuan, the equivalent of life insurance. Also, more of those small firms, their business is single or is specialized in large bus rental, or special personal car rental.


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