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How about status of the car rental industry in China

  a few years ago, on the most significant issues in the car rental industry, with small, scattered, the words to describe. Poor correlation between industry before leasing the most important flaw, and car leasing and car production should be mutually promoting relationship. In a foreign country, leasing new car sales probably account for this car a total sales volume of about one-third, Japan every year car lease sales for more than more than more than 200 million, roughly 15% of the country's new car sales. In fact, domestic car rental market has a history of more than 20 years, but the car rental industry has been in a long time car derived from the services industries with the worst scores are within the scope. At the 02 world's largest international car rental companies into China, then has a lot of domestic leasing companies up, but never domestic leasing market booming like abroad. Among companies operating in China after three years, but to withdraw from the Chinese market.

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